Outwrite is more than a grammar checker. It not only fixes spelling and punctuation mistakes—it helps you become an eloquent writer.

Our AI-powered writing assistant offers a range of stylistic and structural suggestions to improve the quality of your writing. Let's take a look at each:

Pro Features:


Our AI-powered paraphrasing tool suggests different ways to rework a sentence, adding fluency and variety to your writing.



Phrasing searches for ways to improve the flow and eloquence of your writing style. This includes changing sentence structure, vocabulary and other enhancements to make your writing simple and clear.


Efficiency looks for wordy language that can be more concisely expressed. This helps writers to be more specific with their writing.


Vocabulary suggests alternatives for weak words. This can help make your writing more sophisticated and interesting to read.

Passive Voice

Passive Voice looks for cases of passive voice that might be improved if written in active voice. While both are grammatically correct, using active voice tends to make your writing more direct and concise.


Experimental refers to our latest AI-powered features. These suggestions are still being refined, but are often very powerful.

Plagiarism Checker

Check the originality of your document by searching and comparing it to publicly available text on the internet. This allows you to ensure the integrity of your work, especially if you're submitting a college essay or assignment that will be scanned for plagiarism.

Free Features:


Outwrite will check every word in your document against the English dictionary and underline any spelling errors in red. You can add words to your personal dictionary at any time.


The Grammar engine searches your document for any grammatically incorrect phrases. This includes mistakes with tense, duplicated words and phrases, incorrect use of punctuation, incorrect phrases, subject verb disagreements, missing determiners and word confusion.


Highlight a word, and Outwrite will suggest a list of synonyms based on the context of your sentence.


Outwrite is available on 5 platforms; Google Docs, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Word and the Web. All our plugins are free to install.


We offer both Free and Pro plans for Outwrite. Our Free Plan will give you access to spelling, grammar, and basic phrasing suggestions. Upgrading to Outwrite Pro will unlock access to all our advanced features including sentence paraphrasing, eloquence improvements, and plagiarism checks.

We also offer a Teams plan subscription for groups of three or more people.

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